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Hi, my name is Allison. I’m a photographer based in Boise, ID. I specialize in interiors with an editorial flair. I received my Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from Boise State University. I believe my education is what sets me apart from your average person with a fancy camera. If anything, it shows you how damn dedicated I am to my craft. When I’m not shooting for clients, I work on my personal projects. Work from my ongoing photographic series, “Spaces of Cultural Comfort,” has been exhibited locally at the Boise Art Museum and three pieces have been acquired by the City of Boise to be included in the Boise Visual Chronicle, a permanent collection of artworks. When I’m not photographing, I like to go out thrifting. Please check out my Etsy store for badass vintage housewares and accessories. I’m a quiet person by nature but contrary to popular opinion, I’m not shy. I curse like a sailor around my friends + family and sometimes on this blog.

Monday, March 29, 2010

"Hold on to Your Friends" – 4:02

Last weekend Jeff and I learned three valuable lessons:
1. Don't shop at ridiculous hours of the night.
2. Be better friends.
3. Make more friends.
Okay here is what happened. Jeff and I went out grocery shopping at 11:30pm and by the time we got back to our car we realized that we had a flat tire. Had it not been midnight, we would have just driven the car (Yes, I know you're not supposed to drive on a flat tire!) to Les Schwab and had it fixed in minutes. But no. This brings me to my second lesson. As we both scrolled down our contact lists on our phones we realized just how many friends we have alienated and ignored for no good reason. So, of course, we weren't about to call these friends to ask for a favor out of the blue when we haven't talked to them in months. No. Really what we need to do is make more friends. Right now we can count our good friends on one hand. Two of them are out of town. One of them doesn't live in Boise. You do the math. Now, if we had more friends the odds are greater that one of them is awake at midnight to give us a ride home. Right? Anyway that's my story. Notice how none of my lessons was to learn how to change a flat tire. Ha! Neither Jeff or I know how and we don't care to know! Don't judge us.


  1. I'm judging you. You STILL don't know how to change a flat tire?? Jeez you guys... ;)

    Love know I would have been right there to help, regardless of the hour, if I was in Boise right now :)

  2. I hope I'm the friend who doesn't live in Boise... but I would have come! Call me next time! Seriously...

  3. oh man that sucks! but hellooo, you betta learn nigga!