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Hi, my name is Allison. I’m a photographer based in Boise, ID. I specialize in interiors with an editorial flair. I received my Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from Boise State University. I believe my education is what sets me apart from your average person with a fancy camera. If anything, it shows you how damn dedicated I am to my craft. When I’m not shooting for clients, I work on my personal projects. Work from my ongoing photographic series, “Spaces of Cultural Comfort,” has been exhibited locally at the Boise Art Museum and three pieces have been acquired by the City of Boise to be included in the Boise Visual Chronicle, a permanent collection of artworks. When I’m not photographing, I like to go out thrifting. Please check out my Etsy store for badass vintage housewares and accessories. I’m a quiet person by nature but contrary to popular opinion, I’m not shy. I curse like a sailor around my friends + family and sometimes on this blog.

Monday, February 13, 2012

New Letterpress Business Cards

These are my new letterpress business cards. Jennifer of Les Bois Letterpress did an amazing job. They are exactly what I wanted. If you are thinking of getting some done, be sure to give Jennifer a call.

I had the pleasure of watching her at work and it was inspiring. I shot a short video of her. Check it out. Hand-fed one at a time!


  1. so cool! reminds me of junior high printshop class.

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